Top 3 Mistakes Parents Make with Their Child’s Sports Performance – Part 2

Mistake TwoNever good enough

Thinking or feeling that your child’s sports performance reflects poorly on you.

Tell the truth, can you relate to any of these thoughts or feelings?

  • I want to brag about my child’s performance
  • I feel competitive with the other parents
  • I’m getting my competitive needs met through my child’s performance
  • I want to win and I project that onto my child
  • I feel like it’s my accomplishment when my child plays well
  • I live my life through my child’s performance
  • When my child performs poorly that reflects on me

Your child’s performance says nothing about you as a parent or the job you’re doing as a parent.

Their performance has nothing to do with you.

It’s your child’s experience to play his/her sport. It’s your job to help them enjoy the experience of playing and for you to enjoy watching them play.

If you are there to get your needs met or compete with the other parents or feel good about yourself when your child performs well or for a boost to your ego when you brag about what your child has accomplished, you need to address this.

What is it in you that’s missing or that you’re longing for that you are seeking through your child’s performance?

Please dig deep and be willing to let the honest answers surface. This is an opportunity to heal this in yourself and save your child from the need to heal the damage later in life that you are creating.

I certainly know…I’ve worked with enough adult athletes who had parents like this and the damage remained all those years until we were able to release it with tapping.

If you’re not having fun watching your child play his/her sport and your child is not enjoying playing, STOP that sport immediately and move on to another activity. Stop torturing your child and yourself.

Have fun watching them play…the main goal of playing a sport should be to have fun. If you focus on helping your child have fun, everything else will fall into place.

Their joy in playing is a great reflection on you as a parent…who has your child’s priorities straight in life.

(Stay tuned for Part 3 of this 3 Part series.)

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