Sports Injuries – Current Injuries

Sports InjuriesInjuries have such a major impact on your performance and your destiny.

Whenever you are injured or have surgery, there are 3 areas that need to be addressed:

  • The first is the trauma to the body itself. Let’s say you sprain your right ankle. That trauma immediately settles into the cell receptors around your ankle and will just stay there unless you signal the cell receptors to release it.
  • The second area has to do with all the emotions (remember emotions are chemicals) that you experience as a result of the injury. I call it the “oh crap” moment when you realize what you’ve done and there is a cascade of thoughts and emotions/chemicals about what this means for you. For example: pain, fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, anxiety, and sadness are common emotions/chemicals that get stuck in the cell receptors at the time of injury or shortly after. Any negative emotions you may experience connected with a surgery or rehab can slow down the healing process as well.
  • Finally, whenever you are injured your body immediately forms a fear of re-injury and a memory of protection to keep that part of the body safe. You begin to hold yourself in a certain way and the body begins to adapt around the injury. Once that injury heals, nothing signals the body to release the fear of re-injury and the memory of protection. Your body then never returns to a state of balance but remains in that adaptive state, and the chances of you re-injuring yourself are greater because of this.

When the trauma, emotions, fear of re-injury, and memory of protection are sitting in those cell receptors, your receptors aren’t as available to take in all the good things you’re doing to support the healing of the injury. That’s why it can take so long for something to heal.

Once you release the trauma, emotions, and memory of protection, now you’ve freed up those cell receptors to be fully available to take in nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. All the things you’re doing to heal (chiropractic care, supplements, physiotherapy, massage, etc.)  can work at the deepest cellular level around the injured area.

You can easily speed up the healing of any current injuries with my breakthrough Injury Recovery Program. Consistent results help an athlete to return to their sport 3-4 weeks sooner than predicted. You can then perform at 100% capacity rather than holding back to protect your body.

To understand even more about what happens when you’re injured and how you can heal and get back in the game as quickly as possible, please listen to my interview about current sports injuries on You Tube.

This program works for both athletes and non-athletes.

(This Injury Recovery Program is also included in every Sports Performance Manual.)


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- Tyler Green, Retired Player, Pitched for Philadelphia Phillies

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Tapping on off-the-field issues has changed my life and opened my mind up to a new world. It has given my body and mind the freedom you need as an athlete to focus and perform at the highest level."

- David Bell, Major League Baseball Player

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