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Stop thinking that performance issues start on the "mental" level... they don't.


If it were a matter of simply changing your "mental game", you'd change your thoughts and you'd easily change your game. But I know you've changed your thoughts and you've worked on your "mental game" and your performance challenges aren't changing, are they?


That's because the problems you're having start on the physiological or cellular level of your body, not in your mind.


Once you are freed up on the cellular level, your mind will be freed up as well, allowing you to easily implement your mental game strategies.


Exactly what does happen on the physiological/cellular level? Read about it here.


Mental Tricks for Endurance Runners and Walkers

Dr. Kirk Mahoney has written a wonderful book, “Mental Tricks for Endurance Runners and Walkers”, that I consider to be an endurance runner or walker’s bible!

Whether you are new to running, considering training for a marathon for the first time, or you’re a seasoned runner but want to take your performance and results to the next level, this book is a “must have”.

I had the opportunity to interview Kirk on my radio show and we talked about how he discovered meridian tapping and how he’s incorporated tapping into his daily routine. He also offers us his key mental tricks for runners and walkers.
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Take Your Driving Range Practice Into Your Round of Golf

Are you having trouble taking your great shots on the range into your round? Do you drop putts on the practice green and then fall apart on the putting green? Are you always making mechanical adjustments with your swing during your round of golf? Do you often blame bad shots on your mechanics?

You’re not alone! This is a habit I’ve observed with most golfers and it’s due to mental laziness. What? I know right now you’re saying, “I’m not mentally lazy”, but I guarantee that is what’s going on.
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Your Soreness May Not Be What You Think It Is!

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had with athletes is getting them to look at a sore part of their body in a whole new way and then tap for that. Athletes are so conditioned to think that if some part of their body is sore, it’s because they were over-using that part of the body either in competition or practice. (I’m not talking about soreness that accompanies a real injury or after workouts.)

I’ll illustrate this by sharing a great story. I worked with an MLB catcher for three seasons before he retired. During the season, we would do weekly sessions to stay on top of issues that arose. For three solid seasons we had the exact same conversation, and it went like this:
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Mastering the Emotion of Anger

Anger is a very powerful and necessary emotion! Anger can help us take crucial action in our lives. It can be the most useful emotion in certain situations. Experiencing anger and expressing it in an appropriate way is a natural part of our human experience.

But did you know that some people become addicted to anger? The cell receptors in our body (and we have zillions of them) can become addicted to the emotional chemical of anger. Then our body creates hard wired pathways of thoughts to activate the release of the emotional chemical of anger. Then we subconsciously create situations that cause those hard wired thoughts to fire and that causes anger to release so the cells get their fix.
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Breakthrough Performance for Sports

Sports GearsWelcome to my Blog!

I’ve been pioneering the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques or “tapping” with professional and amateur athletes since 2003 to release mental, emotional, physical, and mechanical performance blocks.
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“It really doesn’t matter whether you believe it or whether you understand it, you just have to do it because it works. Results happen many times immediately and end up being permanent.”

- Tyler Green, Retired Player, Pitched for Philadelphia Phillies

"As an athlete, working with Stacey helped me on and off the field. Through tapping on issues about baseball I was able to free myself of old injuries, hang-ups, and bad habits.

Tapping on off-the-field issues has changed my life and opened my mind up to a new world. It has given my body and mind the freedom you need as an athlete to focus and perform at the highest level."

- David Bell, Major League Baseball Player

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