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Stop thinking that performance issues start on the "mental" level... they don't.


If it were a matter of simply changing your "mental game", you'd change your thoughts and you'd easily change your game. But I know you've changed your thoughts and you've worked on your "mental game" and your performance challenges aren't changing, are they?


That's because the problems you're having start on the physiological or cellular level of your body, not in your mind.


Once you are freed up on the cellular level, your mind will be freed up as well, allowing you to easily implement your mental game strategies.


Exactly what does happen on the physiological/cellular level? Read about it here.


Top 3 Mistakes Parents Make with Their Child’s Sports Performance – Part 3


Mistake ThreeYelling parent

Wanting your child to play their sport your way instead of their way.

  • Are you telling your child what to do and how to play?
  • Are you playing coach in the car on the way home, critiquing their performance and telling them how they should have done something?
  • Do you think you know how to coach better than their coach does?
  • Are you interfering with their technique?

Imagine if I came to watch you work and then proceeded to tell you how I think you should be doing things differently than you are.

What if I wanted to rearrange your files because it made logical sense to me and I thought you could be more efficient at your job if you did it my way? How would you feel if you were learning a new task in your job and I interrupted your learning to tell you how to do it different or better? Would you feel frustrated, confused, irritated?

So does your child when you tell him/her how they should have hit that putt, hit the ball, run the bases, caught the ball, saved that goal, etc.
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Top 3 Mistakes Parents Make with Their Child’s Sports Performance – Part 2

Mistake TwoNever good enough

Thinking or feeling that your child’s sports performance reflects poorly on you.

Tell the truth, can you relate to any of these thoughts or feelings?

  • I want to brag about my child’s performance
  • I feel competitive with the other parents
  • I’m getting my competitive needs met through my child’s performance
  • I want to win and I project that onto my child
  • I feel like it’s my accomplishment when my child plays well
  • I live my life through my child’s performance
  • When my child performs poorly that reflects on me

Your child’s performance says nothing about you as a parent or the job you’re doing as a parent.

Their performance has nothing to do with you.
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Top 3 Mistakes Parents Make with Their Child’s Sports Performance – Part 1


Sports ParentMistake One

Pointing out your child’s performance mistakes to them rather than focusing on what they did right and the progress they are making.

Let me paint a picture for you. You’re working really hard at your job and doing the very best you can. Of course you’re not perfect, but every day you make a dent in your work projects and you certainly have forward momentum in your work.

But guess what? Your boss doesn’t notice your hard work or the slow but sure progress you make every day. Instead he’s only focused on what didn’t get done or what’s not perfect with the work you did do.

How does that make you feel? Angry, under appreciated, judged unfairly, criticized, unmotivated to work harder?

Here’s another scenario. At home you have a number of chores you do; even a number of little things that the family doesn’t realize you do. It’s a lot of daily work and what you do is taken for granted…it’s just part of being a mom or a dad.

But what if your spouse focuses on what you haven’t done – all the projects just sitting there that you haven’t gotten to yet? Your spouse just nags and complains about what you haven’t done or the way in which you do something.

How does that make you feel? Angry, frustrated, under appreciated, criticized, passive aggressive, unmotivated to do your chores or projects?
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Here’s a Great Way to Start Your Day!

Tap along with me in this video every morning to start your day physically aligned with the ground you walk on.

I developed this tapping protocol after many athletes told me, “I got up this morning and when I put my feet on the floor, I knew it was going to be a great day out there” OR “I got up this morning and I put my feet on the floor and I knew it was going to be a bad day out there.”

I wanted to find a way to make every day a great day (or at least better than a “bad day out there”), so I developed this protocol!

This “Global Alignment” protocol will put your body in alignment with the energy grid of the planet. Our planet has an energy grid around it, referred to as “ley lines”, and they’ve been studied for decades.

Here’s One Thing That May Be Ruining Your Golf Game!

Anthony KimAre you one of those guys who watches golf tournaments on the weekend? Bad news…this may be ruining your golf game in ways you’re not even aware of while you’re watching those tournaments!

Listen to this radio episode of Breakthrough Sports Performance and I’ll explain how you are being influenced negatively without knowing it and what you can do about it.

Learn the two simple things you can do to improve your round without picking up a club!


Practice Right Before Competition is Just a Warm-Up and Nothing More

Warm-up Baseball HittersI just had another golfer confuse his warm-up on the driving range with his actual tournament play so I thought I’d write about this.

It’s something I’ve heard from my athletes over and over again in different sports: they think how they do in the practice right before they compete is an indication of how they’ll actually perform in the tournament, game, or competition.

Wrong! The practice is just a way to warm-up your body, get loose, move around, take some swings, hit some pucks or stop some shots, throw balls, run, jump, make some dives, etc. (fill in the blank with what you do as an athlete) to warm-up right before your performance.

How that warm-up goes is absolutely no indication of how you will do once you start the tournament, game or competition. You can have a terrible warm-up and perform beautifully. You can have a great warm-up and perform poorly. You can have a great warm-up and perform beautifully and you can have a terrible warm-up and perform poorly.
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Have You Heard Our Olympians Using the “F” Word?

That’s right…a few of our gold medal winning athletes at the 2012 London Olympics have used the “F” word on national television! They’re talking about how much FUN they’re having performing and how much they’re enjoying themselves.

On Aug. 4th, I heard an interview with Michael Phelps and he said, “when I first got here (in London), I was too intense. Then I just started smiling more…I started smiling and enjoying it.” And after that shift he won a gold medal and then he won a couple more.

Swimmer Missy Franklin talked about how she didn’t come into these games with any expectations about medaling. Her goal was to get closer to her teammates and enjoy her experience.

It’s no coincidence that an athlete talking about having fun is a gold medal winner. To understand what happens on a physiological level when you perform from a place of joy and having fun, please listen to my radio episode on this very topic:


I invite you to follow in the footsteps of some of our gold medal winners and start having fun again with your performance!

How to Reduce Sports Performance Anxiety

Stressed AthleteSports performance anxiety is one of the primary issues that athletes want help with. A certain amount of adrenaline is necessary to play well. I refer to this as a state of “heightened awareness”. You need to be excited and pumped up to a certain extent to want to perform. But when you have too much adrenaline, it turns into anxiety and can negatively affect your performance as well as make you feel miserable.

Pre-performance anxiety is caused by negative thoughts you have about your upcoming performance. Most often those thoughts are about pushing to make something happen; that feeling of intense pressure to play perfectly.
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Did You Tap On It?

This is my Arizona license plate that I’ve had for years!

When my clients would tell me about something that happened to them in-between our sessions, my first question would be, “did you tap on it?”.
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