Increase Your Range of Motion

Range of motionRange of motion (ROM) usually decreases in one of 3 ways:

  • Through experiencing a current or past injury or surgery. When you are injured or have surgery, your body develops a fear of re-injury and a memory of protection on the cellular level to protect the part of your body that was injured or cut into. As a result, ROM is inhibited.
  • Unprocessed emotions store in some part of your body and you can experience this as a decrease in range of motion. Emotions are chemicals that dock onto cell receptors. If the emotional chemicals aren’t released naturally from the receptors, your body will find a way to let you know. You will most likely experience a decrease in ROM in the part of your body you use frequently in order for your body to get your attention.
  • Your body is holding tightness or stiffness in the cell receptors and the cell membranes.

I’ve been pioneering the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) with range of motion issues since 2003 with fantastic results! I’ve helped hundreds of professional and amateur athletes increase their ROM by as much as 60% or greater.

Please join me on this episode of my radio show as I discuss in-depth these three issues that decrease range of motion and what you can do to regain your full movement :


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“It really doesn’t matter whether you believe it or whether you understand it, you just have to do it because it works. Results happen many times immediately and end up being permanent.”

- Tyler Green, Retired Player, Pitched for Philadelphia Phillies

"As an athlete, working with Stacey helped me on and off the field. Through tapping on issues about baseball I was able to free myself of old injuries, hang-ups, and bad habits.

Tapping on off-the-field issues has changed my life and opened my mind up to a new world. It has given my body and mind the freedom you need as an athlete to focus and perform at the highest level."

- David Bell, Major League Baseball Player

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