Professional, College, and Junior Golfers…

You Would Benefit From Working With Me If You Are:

1.  An injured golfer; especially if you have repeated injuries. I have consistently reduced recovery time by 3-4 weeks, getting you back on the course free from the fear of re-injury so you can return to your pre-injury level of play.

2.  Dealing with past injuries that are holding you back; past injuries need to be healed on the cellular level in order to stop the cycle of injuries so you can return to your pre-injury level of play.

3.  Experiencing a loss of range of motion; I consistently help golfers increase range of motion by a minimum of 20% and in most cases much more. Increasing range of motion will reduce injuries, increase swing radius, swing speed, and driving distance.

4.  Underperforming; you are not performing to your fullest potential. Once these issues are cleared, this allows you to increase GIR, driving accuracy, lower putts per round, and reduce injuries. Symptoms and behaviors include:

  • pressing/trying too hard
  • loss of focus
  • tightening up
  • tense during play
  • loss of confidence
  • can’t manage excess adrenaline
  • outbursts of anger
  • anxiety and nervousness
  • fear
  • extended slumps
  • relationship/family issues
  • health issues

5.   A golfer with no apparent weaknesses but you want to play better; you have a high potential but aren’t moving up in rankings. Once these issues are cleared, you can finally play at your true potential. Symptoms and behaviors include:

  • anxiety
  • loss of enthusiasm
  • tense
  • exhausted/burned out
  • loss of confidence


Open up to your full performance potential!

I have worked with hundreds of professional and high level amateur golfers. I guide golfers in releasing the cultural constraints inherent in your sport and rapidly breakthrough blocks, opening you up to your full performance potential.

Rapidly achieve breakthrough performance by:

  • Increasing range of motion by at least 20%
  • Completing the healing of old injuries
  • Speeding up the healing of recent injuries
  • Clearing past performance mistakes
  • Eliminating anxiety
  • Accomplishing mechanical changes in minutes vs. weeks, months, or never
  • Enhancing confidence
  • Eliminating doubt and fear
  • Breaking through comfort zones
  • Learning assessment and recovery techniques to implement after every round to eliminate fatigue
  • Improving driving, chipping, putting
  • Setting and easily achieving performance goals
  • Releasing all mental, emotional, physical, and mechanical blocks
  • Curing the yips


Eliminating doubts in my performance:

What Stacey has helped me with the most is learning how to play in the present by eliminating doubts in my performance and ability. Her technique erases the emotional attachment you have to negative performance situations. She’s basically eliminated those and put me back to square one.”
— Barry Conser, Professional Golfer



The demands of professional, college and junior golf are huge. You more than anyone understand that your mental state can make or break your game. However, your mental game starts on the physiological level. It must be addressed there first for you to fully implement your mental game strategies.

Through the use of a set of cutting edge techniques that release blocks on the physiological, cellular, and subconscious levels, I help you rapidly achieve breakthrough performance.


Work with Stacey has revolutionized my recovery:

“Stacey’s insights, techniques and counseling have literally been a life saver. I was essentially bound by injuries out of competitive professional golf. Regardless of a surgery and numerous rehab attempts, I found my old injuries still chasing me down in retirement and impeding my coaching, let alone my day-to-day life. Work with Stacey has revolutionized my recovery and has been a direct success to our golf program and my professional growth. I consider Stacey a mentor and integral part of successful performance. Her influence is rooted deeply in the growth of our players and my overall well-being. If you are serious to enjoy the success you deserve, tune in and trust Stacey. It’s well worth every moment.”
— Maria “Loopy” Lopez, Head Golf Coach Embry Riddle University; LPGA Class A Member & 2007 LPGA National Coach of the Year


The first step is a free performance evaluation by phone to discuss the issues you’re interested in resolving. I’ll ask questions for clarification and make sure I can truly help you and that we’re a good fit for one another before I accept you as a new client. I will also share with you some information about what I do, how I work, and answer any questions you may have. (If you live outside the U.S., we’ll do the evaluation by Skype.) Based on what I learn during the evaluation, I’ll recommend the appropriate session program for the issues you’re seeking to resolve.

To schedule your free evaluation, please email me:

  • Your Name
  • Three days and times you are available to do the evaluation (please include your time zone and phone number)
  • Main performance challenges

Sessions are conducted by phone, FaceTime Skype, or in person.

I’m very passionate about my work and I want results for you!

(My work is a powerful and effective addition to regular coaching, strength and conditioning, good nutrition, chiropractic, naturopathic, and medical care or any other modality that adds to your performance.)

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“It really doesn’t matter whether you believe it or whether you understand it, you just have to do it because it works. Results happen many times immediately and end up being permanent.”

- Tyler Green, Retired Player, Pitched for Philadelphia Phillies

"As an athlete, working with Stacey helped me on and off the field. Through tapping on issues about baseball I was able to free myself of old injuries, hang-ups, and bad habits.

Tapping on off-the-field issues has changed my life and opened my mind up to a new world. It has given my body and mind the freedom you need as an athlete to focus and perform at the highest level."

- David Bell, Major League Baseball Player

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