Body Recovery eBook Bonus

Body Recovery, The Ultimate Soreness Recovery Program comes with an MP3 download of Stacey leading you through these tapping protocols. That way you can just turn on your iPod and tap along with her, without your book.

There’s no need for you to even repeat what she’s saying! Just tap on each point as she guides you through it and you’ll be done in no time!

She has recorded the following tapping protocols for your convenience:

  • Extreme Body Recovery Protocol
  • Acids Protocol
  • Fatigue Protocol
  • Dehydration Protocol

Imagine…right after you workout, you can jump in your car and tap with Stacey on the way home. You’ll help your body recover so much faster from your workout, virtually eliminating soreness.

You can do the same thing after any activity. Just tap with Stacey to recover quickly – physically and mentally on the way home from work or after any kind of physical activity.

These protocols take only minutes to use and
the results are amazing!